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4:18 Divine Rule. Eric B. is president at last.

Artist Umar Rashid produced T-shirts on the occasion of his new solo exhibition at MoMA PS1. There are two versions, based on his paintings included in the exhibition.

“Lord Eric B. wasn’t the best candidate for the position of ruler of Novum Eboracum, but his ascension was made possible by his popularity with the youth and fringe elements of the revolutionary society. It was also due to the powerful countenance of his right-hand man- the warrior/sage Rakim- as well as his powerful orations and esoteric teachings on repurposing the colonial language and mathematics to reflect the changing demographics of the city. Eric B. was no great military strategist and left Servillus, the head of his praetors, full reign to carry out brutal reprisals and police actions against his detractors, thus tainting his image. He and Rakimwould part ways eventually, but his government continued until the end of the war.”