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Evguenie Sokolov
By Serge Gainsbourg.
Translated by John Weightman, Doreen Weightman.

Serge Gainsbourg's sole foray into fiction, Evguenie Sokolov describes an artist who uses his intestinal gases as the medium for his scandalous artwork.
What once was a smelly and noisy problem in his social and sex life becomes a recipe for success in the early 1980s art world.

“So, as I said to myself during the dark hours of the night while trying in vain to get to sleep, the pestilential exhalations prophetic of my corporeal death were to serve the purpose of channeling and transcending that which was more pure, most enduring and most despairingly ironical in the inner depths of my creative mind, and after all the years devoted to the technique of painting and all the day spent releasing my gases in front of museum walls radiant with the genius of the great masters, these jagged, fragile and torturous lines had now rid me forever of my inhibitions." Excerpted from Evguenie Sokolov.

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Paperback |  7 x 5” | 137 pgs.